The Australian Institute of Education and Training (AIET) can supply Learning and Assessment Resources for students completing VET qualifications at Secondary Schools and in other training environments.

Students are provided with a Learner Unit Guide and Learner Assessment Guide for each unit of competency.

Trainers are provided with a Trainer Unit Guide and trainer Assessment Guide for each unit of competency.

Resources are available in both hardcopy and electronic format (via our Secondary Schools Login).              

Learner Guides

The learner guides provide students with engaging and interactive learning content that include both individual and group learning activities. Assessment guides are provided for each unit of competency that provide learners with easy to follow instructions for direct observation, short answer questions and project-based assessments.  

Trainer Guides

The Trainer guides include all of the content provided to the Learner as well as instructions to Trainers about the assessment process. Each Trainer Assessment Guide provides bench mark answers and guidance to the assessor about how to assess each task. They include a map of each task against all of the unit of competency requirements as well as assessment records checklists for assessments such as direct observations, short answer questions and project-based assessment tasks.

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